Quick Specs

  • 2 through 12 Inch
  • Flangeless Body
  • Modified Equal Percent

Actuator Applications

Excellent Pressure and Flow Control for steam, gasses, various liquid, and fibrous slurries. The CVS V-100 ball valve design utilizes a standard ball with a triangular shaped wedge formed in it. This design allows for both throttling control and on/off service used in conjunction with a variety of actuators. The CVS V-100 valve design closes against one of several available ball seals with a shearing action. The CVS V-100 is a flangeless design and allows the valve body to fit between two existing pipeline flanges.

Bi-directional flow is into either side of the V-Ball; TCM ball seal, metal ball seal, or flow ring.

Typical actuators used; are the pneumatic spring and diaphragm rotary actuator (CVS 1051), and the pneumatic piston rotary actuator (CVS 1061). Mounting of these actuators can be on the right-hand or left-hand side viewed from the forward flow inlet.

Sour Service Capability

optional NACE MRO175/ISO 15156-2009

Valve bodies are available in LCC, WCB and 316 sst material.

Other materials may be available upon request.


CRN# OC16657.2