Quick Specs

  • 620 Relative Centrifugal Force
  • CSA Field Certified, Class I, Div 1, Groups C and D , Meets API Petroleum Measurement Standards
  • 120V ac, 1.1a
  • Optional Heater

Actuator Applications

The unique feature of the CVS Centrifuge is the design of the four convenient pre-heater pockets that accept both pear shaped and short cone tubes. The dual lid design also allows for easy access and cleaning. A hole in the center of the lids allows the operator to check speeds using a hand-held tachometer.
The CVS 18000 Series Centrifuge is designed to accommodate either two or four pear shaped tubes or short cone tubes by simply changing the head, tubes and shields, thus eliminating the need for two separate machines.
This centrifuge meets the requirements of the API Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 10 Section 4 Determination of Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the centrifuge Method.
*Gentle startup.